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The Love-talkers

The Love-talkers
by Gail Wronsky

You will be dazzled and amazed.
David St. John

“The language of love is many languages”—and poet Gail Wronsky speaks them all in her first novel, The Love-talkers. Narrated by a mystical woman of European background, this is the story of two American couples who arrive in Mexico City to explore the ancient culture in the hopes of changing their lives. In a bookshop, the younger of the two pairs comes across a text of unknown authorship and are instantly drawn into the spell of the onionskin, leather-bound pages. Part instruction manual, part good luck charm, The Love-talkers, with its erotic prose and amorous illustrations, imparts the tale of a man and woman wildly, miraculously in love. The book has the power to turn immortal longing into sexual reality. Everyone who touches the book is altered by it, sexually awakened, their life-forces renewed. The beauty of Gail Wronsky's poetic language has never been better displayed than in The Love-talkers. She writes with a flame that whispers have ignited. Mexico City, with its parks and cathedrals and archeological riches, provides a lush backdrop for the story. The book is sumptuously rendered and celebrates passionate imagination with all the sublime joy of physical love. Wronsky's elegiac style summons up the magic of Latin American fiction in this novel of desire which brings us into the depths of erotic charge. From ecstatic awakenings to feverish enactments of appetite, Wronsky's novel reveals what happens when we find our deepest yearnings made true.

140 pages
ISBN 0-9676003-3-2
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“Take this remarkable book into your own life; you will be dazzled and amazed.”
David St. John, Author of The Red Leaves of Night

“Here is a wonderful read where erótica becomes poética, where the line between literature and reality blurs to create an unforgettable world of color and sensation.”
Graciela Limón, Author of In Search of Bernabé

“Love-and-death and a whole wonderfully weird ride between. She's an original.”
Sam Hamill, Author of The Erotic Spirit

GAIL WRONSKY is the author of two books of poetry, Dying for Beauty and Again the Gemini are in the Orchard. Her poems and critical essays have appeared in Antioch Review, Denver Quarterly, Colorado Review, Boston Review, Virginia Quarterly Review and other journals. She is the recipient of an Artists Fellowship from the California Arts Council.

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