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The Heart of Mars

The Heart of Mars
by Chuck Rosenthal

“Smartly rich, observant and vital.”
William H. Gass

In 2450 there are horses on Mars! Earth, ravaged by global warming, is occupied by an alien species of amphibians—the Nution—who have established a utopian society employing only biological technology. They govern the solar system with a benign communism. A fish freighter carrying a load from the farms of Europa is hijacked and last seen heading toward Mars where some of the only holdouts of human culture still eke out a life. The detective, Marl, both human and Nution, is sent to investigate. He discovers the utopian dream of the Nution is not as it seems, and that the solar system is on the verge of revolution.

Part fantasy, part fabulism, part detective, Chuck Rosenthal’s The Heart of Mars is a follow-up to his controversial environmental novel, My Mistress, Humanity. With his extraordinary literary sensibility, Rosenthal romps across genres, once more positing a possible future for humankind and all of the world.

172 pages
ISBN 10 0-9772298-5-8
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172 pages
ISBN 10 0-9799588-3-0
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CHUCK ROSENTHAL is the author of more than seven novels, and a memoir. His fiction has appeared in many journals including The Santa Monica Review and The Denver Quarterly.

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