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Focus on Poet Sebastian Matthews

SEBASTIAN MATTHEWS is the author of the memoir, In My Father's Footsteps. He has also co-edited, along with Stanley Plumly, The Poetry Blues: Essays & Interviews of William Matthews and Search Party: Collected Poems of William Matthews, a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. His poetry and prose have appeared in Atlantic Monthly, New England Review, and Virginia Quarterly Review. He lives in North Carolina.

We posed several questions to him:

What are you working on?

Well, right now I am working on getting the new book, Beginner's Guide to a Head-on Collision, out there in the world. But I am working on a collection of micro essays and dispatches on and about the fractured social climate these last few years. Also, The Life & Times of American Crow still rumbles on. It's a collage novel in 11 chapbooks. Check it out at

What is your greatest challenge creatively?

To get projects completed. Staying focused and positive. And getting to the hard work of making the final product more than just very good.

What one tip do you have for writers?

Don't hold your writing on a pedestal. Don't require nice blocks of time and space to get your work done. See all the little things you're doing as part of your practice and turn to the work in all the little free time crevices that present themselves.

Hollyridge was delighted to publish his chapbook, Coming to Flood.

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  1. Daniel Becker Daniel Becker

    in 2006, in your magazine Rivendale, you published a poem I wrote about Warren Wilson. Thank you for looking out for new but not so young writers.

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